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The History of The Charles Hammond House

The Charles Hammond House is one of the oldest residences in North Augusta, South Carolina. Dating back to the Revolutionary War, Charles Hammond built the home for himself and his family. The home has humble beginnings, starting as a two-story pine “dog trot” home, and has stood the test of time throughout the birth and life of the United States of America.


Charles and his four sons fought for the Patriot cause during the Revolutionary War. He passed away years later, in 1794, and the house was eventually inherited by his grandson, Charles G. Hammond. In 1830, he renovated the home and added new features, including a front and side porch, an extension of the back porch, and a rear wing producing an L-shape appearance.

An English gardener landscaped a formal garden for the front and side yards in the 1830s. A brick path was created, magnolia trees were planted, and the cedar-lined entrance drive was created.


The last homeowners, Charles L. and Jeanne T. Eubanks purchased it in the 1960s and listed it on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Their daughter sold the home to the current owner, James O’Neal, who began renovations in 2018.

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Timeline of the House

The house was built sometime around 1770. Charles Hammond, for whom the home is named, lived in Virginia before moving to South Carolina. He served as a Patriot in the American Revolutionary War as did all four of his sons.

In the 1830s, additions included front and side porches, an extension of the back porch, and a rear wing, producing an L-shape appearance.

In the 1960s, the Charles Hammond House was divided into apartments.

The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

The Charles Hammond House was put on the market in the 2000s and shown over 100 times before being purchased by James O’Neal in 2017. Renovations began in 2018.

Charles Hammond House Renovations